Friday, October 3, 2008

She Did It Again

Sarah Palin starred again, and has truly solidified her status as a Great Communicator of conservative ideals. Not that everything she said last night was conservative, but given the constraints of a McCain campaign, all in all an admirable performance. And what a capacity to bond with the listeners. Which is something altogether different from bonding with journalists and pundits. The quicker the media learn that distinction, the quicker they'll stop making fools of themselves.

And she did mention Fannie and Freddy. Not enough to shut down the Democrat "deregulation as cause of meltdown" argument. Perhaps that is still in the offing. Let us hope so. For it will not be until the root of the problem is recognized that the problem will be solved. To wit, it will not be until liberalism, in the guise of the push for affordable housing, is recognized as the catalyst for the explosion of easy credit and the relaxation of standards, leading to the spread of bad debt throughout the global financial system, that the buck will stop where it should, inside the Beltway, in Washington, from whence this push derived, and for which Wall Street firms were but the willing accomplices.

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