Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama is a Revolutionary

This is the point behind the Bill Ayers connection. No one believes that Barack Obama condones or has condoned the terrorism practiced by Bill Ayers. But the underlying goal of Revolution is what they share. The one tried to accomplish it through violent means; the other will attempt to accomplish it through the ballot box. This explains why Ayers mentored Obama in his early political career. This is the significance of the Annenberg Challenge. Obama's community organizer activity must also be seen in this light. Community organizing (cf. ACORN) is all about mobilizing the proletarian masses to accomplish the Revolution of wealth confiscation and redistribution through the ballot box.

The Revolution pursued by Barack Obama is antithetical to the revolution pursued by the Founders of this nation. In the one case, traditions, customs, institutions are overthrown by innovating government; in the other, traditions, customs, institutions are preserved from innovating government.

Why is the stock market tanking? Because investors see the Revolution coming and are getting out while the getting's good.

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