Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Went Wrong

McCain-Palin lost this campaign when they fell for the Democrat bait in wrongly responding to the banking crisis. This post of mine explains the details.

The anti-capitalist mentality must be hit between the eyes once and for all. But when even conservatives fall into it, you know you have an uphill battle.

There are powers behind the scenes which seem to understand this. It could be that such powers (e.g., George Soros) precipitated the credit crisis, anticipating such an outcome. Somehow Henry Paulson got maneuvered into it. The arch-liberal Paul Krugman alludes to this.

Perhaps someday we'll know the truth about what actually happened in this election. Right now, our work is cut out for us.

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Tom Grey said...

Soros is buying IndyMac.

This is my first visit (from Am. Thinker, ad for your book).