Monday, September 1, 2008

All-American Girl

She even anchored the sports news in Anchorage.

Sarah Palin seems to be the conservative dream woman, straight out of Proverbs ch. 31. And from everything I´ve seen and heard, this may be correct. If so, the threat of a Democrat tsunami in November has been overthrown in one fell swoop. In one of my previous posts, I gloomily reflected on the condition of politics in America today. The Democrats are bent on destroying the traditional understanding of law and liberty, while the Republicans are too intent on retaining power to make a stand against that threat. Or so it seemed, at least in the case of the Republicans. For the past two months or so, the McCain campaign has started to make an effective case against Obama and the Democrats, especially in the areas of foreign policy (Russian invasion of Georgia) and oil (drill, drill, drill). But by bringing Palin onto the ticket, McCain solidifies a common-sense approach to energy policy while also bringing front and center the theme of confronting the elites in power rather than mollifying them. In short, restoring representation to its proper direction, from the people to the government rather than the reverse.

If this truly is the case, August 29th -- the day Sarah Palin was nominated vice president -- may well become a national holiday of sorts. If she makes good on her promise, and the ticket wins in November, she will be first in line to be the next President of the United States. If she does not get corrupted by Washington politics -- a big if -- and brings that Northwest no-nonsense grit to the table day in and day out, they may end up erecting a monument to her some day.

Does God answer prayer?

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